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Webinar Replay/Slide Deck - Bridging the Divide Between Traditional Finance & Decentralized Finance

February 2022

Market participants are grappling with two seemingly parallel universes of Traditional Finance (TradFi) and the fast-evolving Decentralized Finance (DeFi). So the question is whether these two worlds will begin to converge at some point, and if so, how will they coexist, what are the technological and regulatory challenges in implementing DeFi within the TradFi world, and what will be the onramps/offramps between TradFi and DeFi.

Join the Rosenblatt investment banking team’s D Shahrawat for a webinar on Feb 3rd answering four key questions:

- What does the convergence of TradFi/DeFi mean, and what are key aspects of this trend
- What are examples of products across banking, payments, securities and insurance that best exemplify this convergence
- Who are some of the innovative firms and leading voices making this happen
- What are the implications of this transition from traditional finance to DeFi, including key opportunities and challenges.

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