Consulting Services

Unparalleled Expertise:

Simply put, no other consultant knows market structure and the global exchange industry better than Rosenblatt. Whether the matter at hand is making sense of the latest rules and regulations, optimizing fee schedules, attracting liquidity providers, new-product development, evaluating potential partners, or a brass-tacks evaluation of the competitive landscape, our team will help you understand, question, validate and decide.

Real-World Experience:

We don’t just study market structure and the exchange industry. We live it. Our team has decades of hands-on experience in global markets, from sitting on trading desks to running major exchanges. We tackle projects as practitioners. And we can call upon both our own experience and a vast array of industry contacts who know and trust us to get you the insight you need. This differentiates us from other consultants who survey the industry from the outside looking in, and allows us to better understand client needs and objectives.

Trusted Strategic Advice:

All the data in the world are meaningless without the proper context and interpretation. Rosenblatt marshals the available data, reference materials and color from industry participants so you are covering all the bases. But we also present our findings in ways that help you chart the correct strategic path, by considering historical and cross-border parallels, competitive dynamics and subtle nuance that may not be obvious on the surface.

Global and Multi-Asset-Class:

Whether you’re fighting your way through ultra-competitive, developed-market cash equities businesses or seeking the right strategy for emerging-market derivatives, our team has the expertise and experience you need. And we serve a wide array of clients, from exchanges, regulators and industry associations to investors, banks and proprietary trading firms. See our list of select client engagements below for more details.

Select clients & engagements

Banks/Prop Firms
Asset Managers
Regulators/Industry Bodies