Rosenblatt Annual Chicago Market Structure & Regulatory Roundtable

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


It’s once again time for our annual Chicago Market Structure and Regulatory Roundtable. The Chicago installment of this nationwide program is always one of our best-attended and features a lively discussion, owing to the diverse group of buy-side, proprietary trading and exchange attendees that call the city home.

This year we’re lucky to have both Rosenblatt President Joe Gawronski and Justin Schack, who heads our global market structure team, in town to guide the discussion. We'll cover topics such as the wave of speed bumps hitting the equity market following IEX’s exchange launch last year, what the new administration and a new SEC chair mean for market-structure regulation and the outlook for specific rule proposals such as a pilot program to cut exchange “take” fees. Joe and Justin also will be able to offer insights gleaned from our annual buy-side trip to visit policymakers in Washington DC, held  in early June.


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